BE Capital

Real Estate Fund Investment and Asset Management

BE Capital Investment Philosophy   

Investment in Companies

Companies with high quality operating businesses with low-quality balance sheets through the purchase of distressed securities. 

Investment in Management

Investment in management, in which they will manage, operate and control a majority interest in their company.

Investment in Businesses

Solid assets, cash-flow structure, leadership position due to a dominant market share, unique product, strong distribution channel or secure market niche.

Our equity partner (GP) for many of our investments in China is New China Trust, one of the largest Trust companies in China. 

Various USD and RMB Fund Limited Partnership (LP) has been set up in China with Provincial-Local Government as an investment partner for pre-IPO investment.

Our funds target offshore holding real estate acquisitions and value-added investment opportunities.

Recent Private Equity Investments

– Real estate investment in two offshore holding service apartment assets in Beijing and Shanghai.

– Real estate investment with a Shanghai-listed company for a mixed-use commercial complex in Guangzhou.

Shanghai Hongkou Fund

RMB 500m with Shanghai Hongkou local government as LP investment partner.

Henan Xinxiang Fund

RMB 1 billion with local government as LP investment partner.

Jiaxing Fund

RMB 800m with local government as LP investment partner.

Recent Private Equity investments undertaken by Baron Buildings:

Project Title 1

Real estate investment with New Century Trust International Co. Ltd focused on cash flow generating assets in Beijing and Shanghai.

Project Title 2

Real estate investment with Shanghai listed company for development projects in Guangzhou.

Project Title 4

Real estate investment and development with a subsidiary of Beijing based Zhengde (Dragon) Life Insurance, focused on turnkey commercial development near Beijing DaXing nternational Airport.

Project Title 5

Preferred equity with Shanghai Industrial Equity Investment Management Co. Ltd for serviced apartments on the waterfront in Hongkou, Shanghai.

Other investments include the development of luxury villas in Shanghai and in a Fosun mixed development complex.