Oil and Gas Trading is an important element of the Corporation's activities. It provides a cash flow machine to our Group of companies and compliments with our activities in various fields.
Baron Energy Corporation Limited, has been engaged in a variety of oil and gas trading business. Our major client includes China National Petroleum Corporation Limited and China Energy Reserve and Chemical Corporation Limited.
Crude Oil
Fuel oil m100
Gas Oil Diesel D2
Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)
Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)
Over the years, we have developed a series of platforms in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and Rotterdam. Our ties with the various refineries and storage tank farms in China has also enable us to manage the import of various crude products and refined products from north to south along the eastern coast of China.
Our procurements are support by major banks in China and we have also been instrumental in procuring various structured solutions to match different requirements in order to achieve our various targets.
We envisage the intake volume for various products will be increased substantially in the coming years as we continue to expand our operation through acquisitions in shipping logistic and tank farm storage.
  Oil and Gas Trading
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